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2011 – New Release Reveals History Through Notes Mothers Wrote to Teacher

Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter...

is released by author Linda Schilling Mitchell

Get a glimpse into the lives of Great Depression-era students and parents through a series of written excuses from mothers about why their children were absent from school. Third-grade teacher Miss Victoria Schneider collected the notes and preserved them in a scrapbook for more than 70 years.

The author, Schneider’s daughter, includes photos of the notes, which provide insights into parenting styles and events of the time. One note tells the teacher how to promote obedience in her son: “Take you a stick and give Clarence a good beating and he will mind you. That all it takes to make him mind.” Another shows the economic hardships families suffered: “Walter has been very sick with sore throat + toothache. i am not able to have his tooth pulled rite now or his Tonsills removed as my husband isint working study.”

Dear Miss Schneider reveals not only information about the students but also about their teacher, seen through photographs and memorabilia. Schneider began teaching at York Street School in Newport, Ky., in 1937 when she was just 19 years old after graduating from Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College in Richmond. She continued teaching until 1940. Weighing just 78 pounds and standing 5 feet 2 inches tall, she is barely taller than her third-grade charges.

Author Linda Schilling Mitchell, born in Covington, Ky., has spent almost all of her life in Florida. She is retired and lives with her husband Jim. They have three children. She especially loves her role as G-mo to granddaughters Lydia and Abby.

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Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter...
Linda Schilling Mitchell
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ISBN: 978-160844-990-3
72 pages

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"Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter..." takes you on a journey using an assortment of notes written during the great depression years of 1937-1940 as stepping stones.

It was during this time, third grade teacher Miss Schneider began collecting the written excuses the mothers of her students sent in as to why their children were absent from school.

These notes expose life's struggles during these most trying times. They give insight on the various ways these families rose to the challenges they faced. You'll feel the burden the depression layered on the parents. The inescapable impact on the innocent children's lives and health.

And a glimpse into the parents' discipline techniques in those days!

"Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter..." also introduces you to Victoria Schneider's life. From her birth in Cincinnati, Ohio to attending York Street School as a young child and graduating Newport High School in Kentucky. Eventually completing college and returning to York Street School as a young 19 year old third grade teacher. The turn of events leading to her marriage of 62 years and much more. Pages of memorabilia and photographs guide you through the years.

"Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter..." began as an effort to preserve a deteriorating collection of notes in a time worn scrapbook as a keepsake for her family. These notes were so sentimental and valued to Miss Schneider that she kept them with her, moving them from home to home, state to state over the course of 70 years.

She knew the children personally. She knew the names of the quiet shy ones, the feisty ones, the smart ones and the ones who needed her additional time and attention.

But we can only look at the photos and surmise who is Walter, Virginia, Clarence or Edward. Or ponder the influence Miss Schneider had on their lives and who they became as adults.

It was a lifetime ago. Their story is preserved and ready to be told.