About the Author

Linda Schilling Mitchell is the daughter of Victoria Schneider of "Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter..."

She has lived 99% of her life in Florida. Outgoing in nature and an avid talker she enjoyed over thirty years promoting the treasures of the state via the Hospitality Industry. She feels right at home serving on Chamber of Commerce, Historic Main Street and Non Profit Organizations Boards. She considers Sales and Marketing fun. In recent months she has taken up painting Florida landscapes. She has written poetry, short stories and articles for local newspapers. But an author of a "book"...this is a first!

"Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter..." is a preservation project that took on a life of its own. It drew Linda into the new and adventurous role of author.

Linda was born in Covington, Kentucky. Less than a year old, she and her mother Victoria, father Bernie (Schilling) and older sister Kathy moved to the warm climate Fort Lauderdale, Florida had to offer. There were pros and cons to being the daughter of a former third grade teacher. Especially for the less than serious student who talked too much in class and would much rather climb a tree or play hard ball in the sand lot down the street than tackle homework.

During her childhood, there were always summer vacations back in Kentucky visiting grandparents, aunts and uncles who lived in and around Newport. Cool summer evenings were spent in the basement around the porcelain kitchen table with red and white checkered tablecloth listening to family stories. Stories about her mother growing up in Newport. Her father growing up in Covington. The Depression, the 1937 flood. Her father quitting high school to help support his family. Her mother being able to attend college to become a teacher. Hours of stories that brought both tears and laughter.

As far back as she can remember there was "the scrapbook". It would surface every once in a while. The brittle pages would once again be carefully turned to reveal the time aged hand written notes. Notes from the parents of her mother's third grade students back in 1937-1940. Heartfelt, humble and sometimes humorous notes that told a story of those children's lives.

Linda and her mother often talked about those notes. There was talk about doing "something" to preserve them. Then they would go back for another respite in the dresser drawer.

Life for Linda was beautifully enriched with the addition of daughter Renee and son Jeffrey. Then in 1991, the family unit including Victoria, Bernie, Linda, Renee and Jeffrey moved to one of their favorite places, Jensen Beach, Florida.

In February 1995, she met and later married her best friend Jim Mitchell. Next she took on the role that she adores as G-mo to granddaughter Lydia in 2002 and Abby in 2006.

Linda and Jim now live in Middleburg, Florida. As is tradition for her tight knit family, all the kids and grandkids live nearby.

And now, after 70 years, "the scrapbook" is finally preserved and its story is ready to be shared.